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About Me

Who Am I?

First, I would like to welcome you to my personal website, and I thank you for visiting.

If you are anything like me you are a person who has an entrepreneurial spirit and you have a passion for making money and you want to do so online. I will explain later, but first, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

My name is Cassandra Chan.

I was born in Toronto, Canada but now reside in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.Before I moved to Florida, I lived in New York and prior to that California. My parents moved around a lot when I was younger. Florida ended up being my favorite place and became my home.

cassandra chan

 Me as a baby in the 90s

In 2011 I Dropped out of college in my Fourth year. I first went in thinking I was going to solve murder cases so I studied Criminal justice and during the process, I realized it wasn’t for me. I knew I still wanted to help people so I swapped majors and studied Sociology with a women studies certificate. I soon realized that this was not for me either.

My parents were really disappointed I dropped out of college. I would have been the first in my family to graduate from a University and they felt and I felt, I had let them down.

I worked mostly waitressing jobs working long hours and it was exhausting. Waitressing began taking a toll on my wrists from lifting all of the heavy plates. It was too much for me and I did not know what I should do.

I knew I was a traveler at heart so in 2014 I applied for an airlines position and I became a Flight attendant. It was a very exciting time in my life. I was able to see many different places, explore new cities and meet new people. After a couple years of flying, I became bored. It was the usual routine, wake up, get ready, go to work. Spent many days working away from home, missing out on important events. This had me feeling unhappy. The job was fun for a while, but the money was not enough for me. On the plane after my duties, I would read entrepreneurial and business books. I knew I was capable of doing so much more.

cassandra chan

 Flight Attendant (2014)

I had a big vision and being a Flight Attendant was not going to cut it.

I wanted to buy a house, I had bills to pay off and I wanted to save money for my future children. I have a little brother who I wanted to be a great role model too. I’m interested in helping young entrepreneurs get started in their own business and most importantly I want to help my parents retire. They struggled for all their life and my dream for them is to have enough income to retire and not worry about anything. There was so much that I wanted and still want to accomplish.

cassandra chan

        My Parents

      cassandra chan

      My Siblings

So at the ending of 2016, I made a choice to make changes and a new beginning. I didn’t want to be doing the same thing for the rest of my life. Living a routine life and barely making enough to live.

I saw a Video Online that pushed me to make a decision. It sounded like the perfect opportunity but I was skeptical. I knew that If I didn’t make the choice now, my life would continue being the same.

Choosing to start my online business has been the best thing EVER. Since I have started implementing the strategies I have learned, I’ve had 5 figure months, the opportunity to travel to Fiji and Costa Rica. I connected with like-minded individuals who want time and financial freedom. I have learned a lot from top-earning internet marketers.

     With John Chow in Costa Rica


      New Internet Marketer Friends in Costa Rica

I was never a tech-savvy, computer genius. I was just an ordinary person working and making a living. So if I can learn and achieve my dreams, so can you.

The choices you make today will determine your tomorrow.

The best thing I can ever do is put my vision and dreams first.

By doing that I can do what I always wanted to do. Help people live their dreams.

So follow me on social media to stay connected.

Contact me and let’s chat.

I will be happy to speak with you and help you begin your process of accomplishing your dreams.

To your Success

Cassandra Chan

cassandra chan

  With my Business Partner In Fiji for A Master Mind

   cassandra chan

         Flying A Plane

        cassandra chan

             Taking a Road Trip


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