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Best Chrome Browser Extensions for Marketing

If you’re anything like me, your head is always full of to-do lists, passwords, reading material, and so many other things you can’t possibly remember. We all need a little help sometimes.

Especially in the world of digital marketing, there’s always a social media account to manage, marketing materials to write, and influencers to find. There are plenty of resources available to make life easier. Here are just a few that can help you organize your brain dumps.

Evernote Web Clipper
If you regularly save articles to reference later or take screenshots, Evernote helps to organize these things, so you don’t lose track of them. You can keep your bookmarks and tabs under control, while never forgetting where that article was that you wanted to read.

My husband is the king of tabs. It drives me crazy. All the way across the top of his screen are these toothpick-sized things you can’t possibly click on let alone know what they are. Somehow, he still knows what every single one of them is and can return to it in a flash while I remain stumped as to how he can work that way. Until he asks me if I can find something on his computer for him. Um, no. I can’t.

Enter OneTab. The OneTab Chrome extension closes web pages but saves their URLs in a tab for reference later. You can feel better about ‘closing’ those tabs, knowing you can quickly return to them later.

Save to Pocket
Save to Pocket allows you to tag references, reading materials, and other examples for use later with just one click. The tags you assign allow you to sort them so you can keep organized notes for each blog, task, or assignment.

Grammarly is a glorified spell-checker. Plop text for your next blog post, email, or web page in the form, and it can identify improper grammar, word usage, punctuation, overused words, and more. It also suggests changes, so you spend less time editing.

KUKU.io helps you schedule content for social media with a click. You can also share to multiple networks at the same time. Adapt your post to specific mediums with hashtags, pictures, or original content.

You no longer have to search endlessly for contact information. EmailHunter finds the email addresses of your leads from LinkedIn pages or a company website and shows you confidence in the source with a percentage of reliability. You can use this service in conjunction with Rapportive to see if an email address is valid.

This extension validates the emails you add as recipients when drafting an email in Gmail. It helps you to reduce your bounce rate and associates each email with LinkedIn and other social profiles so you can gain valuable insights into your contact list before communicating.

Sidekick by Hubspot
Check open and click rates for your emails to help with statistics and tracking. You can schedule emails for later or review your activity history. Hovering over an email address shows the person’s title, company, social profiles and recent tweets.

Giphy for Chrome
Search GIFs and add them to social media posts and emails by dragging and dropping. It’s fast and easy, with a massive library of relevant images, leaving you more time to draft meaningful content.

These should get you started down the path of time savings, organizing your thoughts, and creating more content to increase traffic and conversions. By keeping you sane, these tools reduce stress and condense your ideas into one easy-to-remember place. Check out my done-for-you system for more organization ideas.

6 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rates

So, you’ve got your landing page all setup. But, you’re not getting the conversions you’d like. To put it simply, if your site is not converting, then you’re not going to get enough sales.

Fortunately, there are several steps that you can take right now to increase the effectiveness of your landing pages. If you want to boost sales, use the following 6 tips to increase conversion rates.

Remain Consistent with Your Details

When promoting a product or service, it’s common to include various statistics or to provide a list of features. Just make sure that your content is consistent.

For example, if you claim at the top of your page that your software has helped thousands of people and then you mentioned that you’ve helped hundreds, people may notice the inconsistency.     They don’t care which number is correct. They’ll simply leave your site.

Keep Your Content Relevant to Your Ad

Along with remaining consistent, you need to keep your content relevant to your ad. Whatever you promise in your PPC ads should also be discussed on your landing page. Users are clicking on your ads for a reason. Make sure that you match the content of your landing page copy to the content of your advertisements.

This step can actually help lower your cost-per-click for PPC ads. With Google AdWords, the cost-per-click is partially based on the overall quality and relevance of your landing page.

You Should Only Have One Call to Action

Your landing page only serves one purpose. You should never try to promote multiple products, services, or offers on a single landing page. Focus on a single action. If you have multiple calls to action, they should be for the same action. Otherwise, you should create a new landing page for the other actions you visitors to complete.

Create a Sense of Urgency on Your Landing Page

Creating a sense of urgency is a great way to increase conversion rates. If a visitor feels that they may miss out on an opportunity if they don’t act now, they’re more likely to complete the desired action.

You can create urgency in your titles, headers, and your call to action. Reminding visitors to act now or that your offer is available for a limited time only will help create this sense of urgency.

Include Customer Testimonials on Your Landing Page

Include a section on your landing page where you provide customer testimonials. There’s a reason that you often see testimonials on landing pages. It’s because they work. You can pull testimonials from social media comments or send out a survey to your existing customers. Send out a mass email to your subscriber list asking for their input.

Create the Ultimate Headline for Your Landing Page

The final tip is to create the perfect headline. This is what really grabs a reader’s attention. The headline is the first thing that a visitor reads.                                                                                                Your headline should be direct and easy to understand.

Write several different headlines and compare the differences. Which one speaks out to you?                                                                                                                                                                                   Create multiple headlines and choose the one that works best.

Increasing your conversion rates isn’t overly complicated. There’re many different steps that you can take to boost sales.

Along with these suggestions, you should also consider using A/B split testing. This lets you compare different headlines, calls to action, and layouts.                                                                            Compare different versions of the same landing page to see what works best.

Start using these tips now to see an increase in your conversion rates. For additional help, find out how to get conversion-ready prospects.

Click here to learn about my done-for-you system.

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